ACCESS by EstiaTech: in sizes from S to XL

ACCESS by EstiaTech is a new concept of houses which are destined to grow with first time buyers.

You start with a simple 2 bed house.

With time and depending on your family situation you can add a garage, an extra en suite bedroom or if you plan for a big family, add 2 more bedrooms.

If you are looking for some rental income you can add a studio instead of a garage or the extra  bedrooms.

Our access line can grow with you.

Here is how it works.

1- Start with one of our ACCESS houses. Choose sizes from S (85m2)  to XL (132m2) and your preferred roof type.

2- Add a module: Garage, Bedrooms or a Studio

3- At any time you can add an independence module for electricity, water or heating/ air conditioning. (More information to be found under “autonomous houses“)


ACCESS S – 85m2

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– 33m2 of living space (open space kitchen, living/dining room)

– a large window

– a utility room

– 2 bedrooms, one master bedroom with dressing area.

Add an extra garage, a separate Studio to be rented out for additional income, or if your family grows, two extra bedrooms…

ACCESS M – 93m2

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ACCESS L – 117m2

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ACCESS XL – 132m2

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For more information on our Access-Line, please contact us below: