To design any good EstiaTech must be:

  1. Innovator
  2. Provides a utility to each product
  3. Is aesthetic
  4. Makes a product understandable
  5. Is discrete
  6. Is honest
  7. At a long term value
  8. Designs every detail with exhaustive precision
  9. Is eco-friendly
  10. Is minimalist

 Houses EstiaTech ®: ' Designed in France, Made in Germany. "

* Designed in France, made in Germany


The EstiaTech ® equation:


Tradition of construction wood ❋ Technologies of the 21st century  


= Live houses where life is good


  • Tradition of construction wood:

Located in the heart of the Vosges mountains on the shores of Lake Gerardmer, EstiaTech ® works closely with the CRITT Bois (Wood Industries Resource Centre) and the ENSTIB (Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Technologies and Wood Industries) of Epinal.

Since centuries, wood is a building material of choice because of its proven thermal and phonic insulation qualities, which today houses EstiaTech ® display of energy performance far superior to the requirements of the RT2012.

From sustainably eco-friendly, it stores physically the carbon absorbed by the tree throughout his life, offers better mechanical resistance to fire than steel or concrete without toxic gases while consuming 4 times less energy than the latter for its production.

Frame houses Woods offer a great modularity and accommodation opportunities spread over time depending on the moods or ways of the time.

Designed in France, houses EstiaTech ® are made to measure in our partners in Germany, where 30% of buildings now done in wood, to be assembled in all France by our germano-vosgiennes teams.

  • Technologies of the 21st century:

EstiaTech ® homes not only meet the current standards, they are ahead of them being all POSITIVE energy. They use renewable energy sources and integrate all the necessary technology to ensure their energy independence: thermal solar panels for the floor heating and sanitary hot water, photovoltaic solar panels for electricity. Running water, hot water and maintenance costs are meanwhile very reduced.

Pre-installed home automation to manage power consumption, control energy consumption as well as all equipment and systems such as monitoring, implementing defence or the emergency call via secure internet access.

Scalable and modular, EstiaTech ® homes are equipped for the future connection of systems such as pellet heating, heat pumps, geothermal, recoil and pump water from rainwater, greywater filtering and water softeners, etc.

  • Living homes where life is good:

EstiaTech ® strives to develop healthy, positive, environmentally friendly, intelligent and eco-responsible homes:

  • Healthy, by the reduction in magnetic fields, filtering of toxins, pollens and other allergenic of the outside air by the ventilation;
  • Positive, because they produce enough energy to cover all the needs of a family in electricity and heating and even, in some cases, generate net revenues;
  • Ecological, because they use only certified products «Toxproof» by the laboratory of TÜV Rheinland, free of toxins and other volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in many panels OSB;
  • Smart, not only because they are designed for people with reduced mobility, but also because that connected and interactive, they adapt to the habits of their inhabitants, and finally because they may face power cuts to run in standalone mode.
  • Eco-responsible, because using only renewable energies for heating and air conditioning.

All these qualities, one must add the speed of construction. All items being prepared according to rigorous industrial processes in Germany, the delivery of the keys is 3 months after the site meeting. More impressive, 2 days are enough to our teams for mounting and setting out of water – out air.

  • Handpicked partners:

EstiaTech ® finds and selects the best for each equipment or development.

  • Menuiserie KRAEMER for interior fittings and stairs
  • Parquet Bateman
  • Boilers Brunner
  • Cellars Knecht
  • Guarantees:

EstiaTech ® is certified Builder of detached houses (CMI) by AXA France and, as such, provides the following contractual guarantees:

  1. Price and timely delivery guarantee
  2. Insurance damage-book
  3. Guarantee of payment of subcontractors
  4. Guarantee of reimbursement of the instalments
  5. Perfect completion guarantee
  6. Guarantee of proper functioning
  7. Ten-year warranty


banner-logoEstiaTech is a member of Legislatis:




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EstiaTech ® is also labeled "House of confidence" by the Fédération Française de builders of houses (FFCMI).

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