All EstiaTech houses are built to become autonomes in heating, water and electricity.


We asked our team to create a system with the following requirements:

  1. Easy installation « plug&play »
  2. Fast: within 2 days
  3. Installation without structural changes to the house.
  4. Installation in « do it yourself » mode.

EstiaTech has therefore created 4 Modules according to those requirements:

Water module

  • Usage and recuperation of rainwater: connections to the house are planned and installed
  • Water treatment system

Electricity module

  • All cables and connections for solar panels are already installed: “Solar-Module”
  • Set-up for the injection of energy already installed: if you have any other energy to inject in your future home (for example a generator)

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning module

  • Geothermal module already installed
  • Heating module to connect a water heater to a stove already installed

Intelligence module

  • Internet and smartphone connections and cables installed.

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